Podcast Introduction

Bibliographic Sources for Introduction: 

I obtained Steve Job’s sound bites from “Steve Jobs Previews Podcasting – All Things D3 (2005)” video on YouTube. I retrieved audio of the BBC’s Danger production from “1990’s British Radio Broadcasts (BBC Radio 1922 – 1929)” on YouTube as well, and retrieved original sound bites from This American Life from their archived audio on their website. Aristotle’s Art of Rhetoric, Siobhan McHugh’s “How Podcasting is Changing the Audio Storytelling Genre,” Richard Berry’s “Podcasting: Considering the Evolution of the Medium and its Association with the word, ‘Radio’” Jonathan Sterne’s “The Politics of Podcasting,” and Tiziano Bonini’s “The Second Age of Podcasting: Reframing Podcasting as a New Digital Medium” informed my research on the podcast as a technological form and adapted radio genre. The Edition Report Podcast Consumer 2017 provided me with data analytics for the explosion of podcast popularity. Carly Meyers recorded the electric guitar, Michael Maerlander played the role of Aristotle, and Hunter Conti stood in as Mikhail Bahktin.