Home and Acknowledgements

To read my thesis, refer to the tabs in the upper right corner of the screen. The Introduction and Conclusion are podcasts, and the middle three chapters are written text with embedded sound bites.


First and foremost, I would like to thank Professor Goddu for her constant support through this entire project. You have challenged, pushed, and motivated me to produce something I can stand back from and be proud of. I admire you both as a professor, an academic, and consider you one of my greatest mentors.

I would like to thank Dr. Clayton for advising me with undying enthusiasm, and for introducing me to the Curb Center’s astounding podcast studio. Many thanks to Ms. Kane for constantly trotting back and forth to unlock the studio, and also big thanks to Adam and Derek for helping me set up in the studio for the first few weeks.

Thank you to Dr. Shin for being my second reader, for being one of the first professors to get me really excited about pursuing podcasting as a thesis topic. I am so excited to share this project with you.

Thank you, Sari, for being the best help and calming force through the editing process. You somehow organized my thousands of unstapled papers and wordy sentences into this piece, and I have loved working with you.

Thank you to Elizabeth. I am thankful for your writing group advice but am even more thankful for our friendship. I value the experience of writing with you as much as this text itself. You are an incredibly intelligent, humble, honest human being and much of this thesis is thanks to working alongside you.

Thank you to my wonderful Vanderbilt support system of great friends who have celebrated after deadlines, helped me record sound bites in the kitchen, and have sat down to get drafts done with me. There are too many to name, and you know who you are. Love you all.

Thank you to Mom, who pioneered the whole idea of writing a thesis back when she was in college herself, for Dad who would always help me make game plans to get my deadlines on time, to Holly, the little one I look up to most, and Erin for being the fiercely loyal support system that I have to thank for my degree. And thank you to Hunter who has physically been beside me through late nights and early mornings and has supported this project more than anyone. This thesis is for you all.